Formula for calculating waves

Surfing is a unique and incredibly diverse sport.  Your watch has an inbuilt set of “rules” it uses to determine each time you catch a wave.  The rules use speed, acceleration, deceleration and direction changes to define “a wave”.  Applying one set of wave counting “rules” to everything, from one foot shore breaks to 25 foot Waimea is almost impossible. 

You might see your quick sprint into the surf count as “a wave”.  Or you might find a slow, small or short wave does not register.  We are constantly working on ways to improve this wave counting ability.  When we do, you will receive a firmware update request that will bring any improved functions to your SearchGPS watch.

Lost satellite connection

You may have lost satellite connection during your surf.  Unfortunately this may occasionally happen when using satellites to track water sports.  For better results try to keep your Rip Curl SearchGPS watch above the waters surface as much as possible.

Your watch has a GPS signal indicator that will begin flashing to tell you when you have lost signal.